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Cybertec’s approach is to help customers identify their strategic goals and achieve their definite demands. In the dynamic marketplace, our focus on emerging technologies has made us a top choice in delivering affordable and guaranteed IT services. In order to achieve consistent delivery of results and customer satisfaction we recommend solutions that best meet the unique business requirements of our customer.

Software Development and System Integration Experts:

The Software Development and System Integration model include, writing of requirements based specifications that allows development of  enterprise applications with the functionality & behavior of systems to be separated from implementation details. We are experts in Enterprise  COTS Technologies, Java Platform, MS technologies,open source development framework and conversion of legacy systems to either of these, through Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as well as more conventional methods.

Cybertec Inc. helps you demystify complex applications and focus on the transformation of your organization through the enabling technology of the leading enterprise systems. Cybertec can help your organization with enterprise solutions through the following services:

Project Planning - Projects require careful planning to achieve maximum success. The experience and perspective of Cybertec project managers and analysts are a critical component in helping you develop and execute effective plans with achievable goals.

Project Management - All application implementations require staffing, scheduling, coordination of resources, careful monitoring, contingency planning, change control, and crisis resolution. Cybertec can take charge or support at any level of project management.

Process Management - Cybertec consultants are skilled at evaluating and recommending standards and procedures that fit your organization and are appropriate for your applications.

Application Consulting - Functional analysts from Cybertec are experts in their respective disciplines. This enables them to lead or assist your organization in the development of functional requirements.

Data Conversion - No implementation can be successful without all the necessary data. captured and converted to the new proper format and structure. Our consultants will assist in defining new data coding schemes and developing a quality-controlled conversion mechanism from existing data sources.

End-User Training - Cybertec , Inc. offers customized end-user training, delivered in a variety of formats, from CBT to instructor-led. Throughout your project, our consultants gain an understanding of your organization's processes and procedures, and will develop a customized curriculum to fit your specific needs.

Application Hosting - We understand that operating and maintaining an enterprise solution production environment can be resource intensive. Cybertec can help host these applications for you by providing the necessary infrastructure and support.

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