• independence
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Third-party integration
  • Applied security
  • Virtualization
  •  Multitenancy
  •  Scalability and reliability

Cloud Computing provides:

  •  Converged infrastructure
  •  Shared services
  • Device and location

Our approach towards Cloud services:

We offer services including Cloud Strategy, Cloud Migration from Legacy systems, Cloud Solution Development and Cloud Management. Our Cloud Implementation services include IT Service Management, IT Operations Management, Salesforce Automation, Social Monitoring, Service Management, Operation Analytics, CRM+, and e-Commerce using the leading industry cloud technologies.

With our in-depth understanding of the various technologies on the cloud, whether it is SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), NaaS (Network as a Service), or BPaaS (Business Process as a Service) we strive towards providing you the first in class service depending upon your requirement.
What makes us even better is our partnership and alliance with some of the world class industry leaders in Cloud Computing. We offer technical, functional, and management consulting services
for cloud technologies such as

Assessment & Migration

Cloud Assessment & Migration help the customers to learn, understand, and migrate to the cloud. This is the initial phase in which we understand our client’s business and determine which cloud strategy is suitable for a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective migration. It provides tangible insights that can be used to determine the significant role of cloud computing in your strategic business and IT plans. This phase suggests an optimal cloud strategy and roadmap based upon an appropriate platform selection (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), Cloud option evaluation (Public, Private or Hybrid), and cost benefit analysis.


  • Optimized cloud strategy and roadmap to focus on core competencies and business goals
  • Improved scalability of business applications
  • Flexible transformation with seamless integration
  • Reliable and cost-effective strategy
  • Agile transformation and application development
  • Greater levels of automation, provisioning and deployment
  • Reduced complexity on infrastructure and resources
  • Adaptability to changing business environment
  • Elasticity by providing enterprises to put right amount of resources at right places in right
  • Preeminence of goodwill since migration based on cutting-edge technolog


Why Cybertec

  •  Comprehensive analysis of your business to identify cloud opportunities
  • Cost-benefit analysis to define the value of the most appropriate cloud strategy
  • Strategizing to fill up the gap between your business and the enterprise application
  • Appropriate alignment of cloud computing strategies with business strategies

Business Transformation

Business Transformation practices can help you develop the right business model. Cloud strategies make use of various technologies and platforms to make this transformation flexible, reliable and cost-effective with your business goals. It can create and deliver value in new ways by removing proprietary boundaries, improving market reach and empowering innovation. There are a plethora of services and strategies available for transforming to the cloud based upon the type of your business. For example, a CRM or an ERP solution based upon the type of your business.

 Complete or partial transformation with complete improvement
 Sustainability and continuous performance improvement
 Agility in developing and transforming the business plan
 Cost-effective due to pay-per-use model
 Usage-based model avoiding over-provision and over-pay
 Increased speed of deployment

 Enhanced workforce productivity
 Responsive and rich applications for communicating where and when needed
 Secure, stable and compliant offerings in terms of regulatory requirements for enterprises
 Enables organizations to take advantage of market transitions
 Optimized resources due to Opex (operational expenditure) model
 Drives growth and innovation

Why Cybertec?
 Experience and expertise in design and implementation of business transformation initiatives
 Complete assistance to clients for setting their business transformation vision
 No disruption to your business operations during transformation
 Thorough workload storage and resources identification
 Real and tangible benefits to your business


Cloud Enablement and Integration
Cloud Enablement & Integration services allow you to gain a clear point of view about how and where the cloud fits within your organization. With more and more enterprise applications and services migrating to the cloud, integration becomes a mission-critical priority. There are several licensed and trial versions of the cloud platforms, tools, frameworks, and software that provide an actual, real-time access to the overall business data and metrics as-a-service. Integration with the help of web services and plug-ins has given new dimensions to cloud computing, providing cross-platform independence to application development.

 Real Time visibility to all business data
 Increased flexibility and scalability
 Cost-effective due to pay-per-use utilization
 Reduced complexity due to device and location independence
 Virtualization and multitenancy providing ease of use on mobile devices
 Seamless integration of personal networks on social networking sites
 Reduced labor hours to manage and maintain hardware and software devices
 Third-party clouds that maintain, manage and deliver a wide range of services
 Support for wider range of devices
 Scalable up and down with latest version supported and available
 Enhanced and accelerated business processes due to interoperability and openness

Why Cybertec?
 Comprehensive alignment of IT with business goals
 Precise business integration solutions increasing productivity
 Operational efficiency by development, testing and deployment of custom applications
 Enterprise-grade solutions and services from end-users to customer-support

 Multi-platform client support
 Cloud deployment flexibility

IT Service Management
IT service management (ITSM) is an approach towards delivering IT services and is largely process-oriented and customer-focused. ITSM concentrates on the IT deliverables and its usefulness to the end-user rather than the development of the solutions. ITSM gauges the operational efficiency of a solution in meeting the end-user expectations. Our team of experts and the global ITSM executions have given us the ability to understand the existing processes and implement the required solutions to deliver the best end-user experience.

 Track investments and ROI
 Making optimal use of the available funds
 Manage systems and service levels
 Risk management and impact
 Gauging customer feedback and timely actions taken

Why Cybertec?
 Our experts provide improvements to the existing IT service management
 We conduct ITSM audit to determine the process status and identify improvements
 Our customer-focused process measurements determine customer awareness and satisfaction
 Our solutions bring together all entities, that is people, process and technology, required to
meet the desired service level

Application Development

Applications Development services provide application consulting, custom application development, testing and quality assurance services. They accelerate the delivery of high quality business applications with fewer defects, less rework, and lower cost. The Cloud platforms provide a number of standard features already present, just point-and-click away. You can also custom develop an application to fit to your business requirements using the proprietary language environment provided with the platform. Apart from these, most of the Cloud platforms include a Sandbox environment for testing and quality assurance services.

 Real-time ability to access and share information
 Standardized yet customizable design and development
 Easy to use functionalities
 Negligible demand for hardware and software with keen focus on the business goals

 Self-provisioned development and testing that does not depend upon the hardware and
software in the data center of your organization
 Increased productivity through better application performance
 Network resiliency to maintain application uptime
 Increased operational effectiveness

Why Cybertec?
 Quality development of business applications
 Operational efficiency and sustained competitive advantage
 Collaborative development of applications and scaling them as required
 Mobile Cloud Computing serving myriad mobile devices anytime, anywhere regardless
of specific environment and platform
 Customized application development according to the business requirements
 Unified user experience across a large variety of devices and environments

Business Analytics

Business analytics focuses on developing new insights and understanding of business performances. It touches every aspect of the business whether it’s analyzing financial data or gaining a comprehensive view of your customers. It provides us with the various tools and metrics for reporting and forecasting business behavior that can give a competitive edge to an organization providing simple, visual determinants of the business behaviors based upon which important strategic decisions are made.
 Increased revenue and margin by studying analytical business statistics
 Improved partner and customer relations and retention
 Synchronizing financial and operational strategy
 Better decision making by studying past and future trends
 Assessment and implementation of Cloud services in future projects
 ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes and prediction analysis for business
 Improved business analysis due to enhanced data manageability
Why Cybertec?
 Improved decision making by providing a bird’s eye view of the enterprise data
 Development of reports including data filters, groupings and customized graphs to
systematically monitor and analyze the data in the organization
 Scalable standard as well as customized analytics development based upon the type of the
 Development of dashboards that provide a snapshot of key metrics and performance
indicators of your organization