4 Digital Transformation Technologies That Will Dominate Enterprises in 2019

Digital Transformation is maturing and companies pursuing it are enjoying the harmonious growth and benefits. As many presume, implementing Digital Transformation is not for going mobile but ensuring a company-wide growth. According to Forbes, Fifty-seven percent cite “integrating all social, mobile, web, commerce, service efforts and investments to deliver an integrated, frictionless, and omnichannel customer experience” […]

A Short History Of Big Data

90% of the available data has been created in the last two years and the term Big Data has been around 2005 when it was launched by O’Reilly Media in 2005.  However, the usage of Big Data and the need to understand all available data has been around much longer. In fact, the earliest records of using data to track and control […]

10 Key Strategies for Successful Data Conversion

Large-scale technology conversion and modernization efforts go hand-in-hand in accordance with changes in business thinking and developments on the information and technology front. One major consequence of this is that information systems regularly undergo changes including mergers, migration, and installation of new databases, accompanied by changes in the data comprising that database. This is particularly […]

What Goes on in the Mind of a Project Manager? and 10 Mindset Tips for Project Managers

Have you ever stopped to think about the common characteristics you have with other Project Managers? In order to explain these to an audience of non-project managers, I generated a user persona to explain the goals, motivations, mindsets, and pain points of Project Managers. The persona I generated is based off of interviews Aurora Melchor, a UX Designer, […]