Security & ITSM

There is a tremendous amount of opportunity for organizations to save millions of dollars by extending their DevOps practice to encompass some of the legacy standards that drive savings. Our team has the expertise that DevOps grew out of to assist you in managing your more traditional IT processes and reporting needs. With stated goals of enabling informed business decisions and mitigation of security vulnerabilities, while also saving millions of dollars for the organization in software license compliance, vendor service and lease contract management, asset management process improvements, systems deployment/ management/ reclamation, security patching and a host of other process efficiencies. We can work with your legacy systems, wrap them in repeatable process and implement new tools focused on automation further reducing the administrative burden of repetitive tasks.

This is our roots!  We grew up in the security space. We help organizations secure their operations and prepare themselves for new technologies.  Whether it’s inside your perimeter, outside, hosted, or BYOD, we understand how it all fits together and how you can protect your data, devices, IP and customers.  Whether it’s selecting a specific product,updating your processes, integrating your solutions, Pen Testing, or setting traps, we’ve been there, done that and can help you protect what’s valuable to your organization.